All timber entering factory is checked for quality then submerged into a chemical bath for 20 minutes to kill off all organisms in the wood. This makes all the timber termite, Borer and Fungi resistant.

Seasoning Kiln

The seasoning time for wood can be reduced considerably through the use of a specialist kiln. Often air seasoning and kiln seasoning are used together. There are different types of kiln. Kilns are used because the process speeds up seasoning and this method can be used to accurately control the moisture content of the wood.


Treated seasoned hard wood is ripped along the grains with the help of a powerful ripping machine into many pieces of the same precise thickness.


We use 1000 ton hot press to bond the various layers of Doors into a single dimensionally stable door with perfect bonding. Phenol formaldehyde is used as bonding agent with heat and pressure in the press. The Doors are 92 hours boiling water proof.


Every Door is cut to the user specific size with perfect squaring and dimensional accuracy.


Smaller pieces of wood are joined to make a large size board with European standard D3 adhesive with hydraulic pressure in this machine hence obtained wooden board is stronger than the equivalent size of the same species of wood.


Timber for making frame is passed through the machine with mechanically controlled cutters to be simultaneously plained on all four sides and corner design and rebate cut in a single pass. This ensures the same accurate dimensions throughout the entire production batch.

Wide Belt Sanding

Beneath a perfectly varnished, polished surface, invariably lies a perfectly sanded surface. This machine can achieve perfect flatness by calibrating the work piece by rough sanding, and finish it with fine sanding in single pass. The quality of sanding achieved from this machine can never be achieved by manual means.

Edge Banding

Edge banding, is the name for the process of fixing a narrow strip of material to create durable and aesthetically pleasing trim edges along the edges of doors. Teak wood lipping strips or pvc edge banding tapes can be fixed to the edges of door without any nail punch marks.