Pre-Hung Door Sets

  • It is a fully self contained solution for Door opening, pre finished, pre fitted at the factory, consists of an engineered door frame, the door and architraves.
  • Such a frame is fully polished and supplied along with locks and hinges.

Benefits of Pre-hung door sets

Factory Made

  • All the manufacturing, sizing, fitting, polishing is completed at factory.
  • Door is fitted to Frame with even gap on all sides accurately.
  • Provisions for fitting lock and hinges on the Door and Frame are cut with the help of the CNC machine ensuring accurate fitting of Hardware.
  • Polishing work is done in dust free environment ensuring excellent finish than at site conditions.


  • Pre-hung doors come in a variety of designs and are made from a variety of materials for both internal and external applications.
  • The use of architrave beading around the Frame front side and back side hides the PU foam behind the jamb and makes the jamb look bigger in section.
  • The Architrave is inserted into a groove in the Frame hence slight variations in the wall thickness can be adjusted with the L shaped Architrave.
  • Either veneer or Laminate is applied to the Door Frame and Architrave ensuring identical colour texture and feel across all pieces of the Door set.

Easier, Faster installation

  • Since the complete Door is already hung on the Frame at Factory, installation at site takes less than half an hour for a set complete with Architraves.
  • The Door set is installed to masonry wall with PU foam, hence it enables tolerances of up to 10 mm on the height, width and jam thickness ensuring fast installation at site even with slight variations in wall dimensions.

Veneer Finished Door Sets

  • With PU lacquer finish
Brown Peech PU Finish
Brown Peech PU Finish
Brown Peech PU Finish
Brown Peech PU Finish

Laminate Finish Door sets

  • Stain resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
(Walnut Insert)
(450 Design)
(Metal Insert)