Solid Wooden Doors

Making an exceptional solid wood door requires a sense of aesthetics, an eye for detail and a mastery of craft. We fully integrate these elements to offer well-designed and carefully crafted solid wood doors that add long lasting beauty.

Engineered Veneer Beading Panel Doors

Solid wood doors have well-known disadvantages, including their tendency to react to weather and develop cracks or leave gaps. Engineered veneer doors are an excellent solution to overcome these constraints and still enjoy the beauty of a solid wood door. Our range of engineered veneer doors will give you complete satisfaction.

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Advantages of Engineered Veneer panel Doors over solid once.

  1. Increased Stability of Doors
    Wood is a beautiful material (look, feel and smell), but it is complex and high maintenance. Wood is a natural product and it will shrink and swell according to changes in humidity.

    Engineered Doors are less prone to warping, bowing, shrinking, expansion/contraction and twisting. This is due to the construction as an engineered door is made from a reinforced composition of kiln dried materials with boiling water proof bonding in hot press.
  2. Environmentally Friendly
    The Manufacturing process of Engineered Veneer Doors means they are mainly constructed using plantation grade sustainable materials unlike solid doors. Also the materials are used more efficiently due to the use of smaller composite parts for making the door core.
  3. More Cost Effective
    Solid Wood is expensive. Engineered Veneer Doors use treated and kiln dried locally available plantation grade timber as infill with decorative veneer on top, hence lower cost.
  4. Consistency of Material
    The look and feel of solid wood doors varies considerably; therefore it is difficult to achieve consistency in quality and appearance. Veneer Doors are more likely to be uniform in colour and texture with no knots or cracks, providing an almost flawless appearance, which is very difficult to achieve in solid doors.

Engineered veneer beading panel Door.

  • Kiln Seasoned
  • Group matched Veneer used
  • Termite and Borer Proof
  • Dimensionally stable,no expansion or shrinkage
  • Guaranteed against warping, shrinkage, cracking and twisting