Door Frames

Ready – to – assemble wooden Frames are manufactured incorporating new technology. A set of wooden Frames comprises 3 wooden lengths, and they are perfectly designed to intersect at each corner of the Frame. This gives a complete frame that saves time and energy.

We manufacture the Frames with timber Burma Teak, African Teak, Red Merandi, Malaysian Sal, Engineered Wood, etc. Malaysian Dark Meranti is an excellent material for the production of high class joinery products such as window and door Frames. This class of timber gives excellent beauty and elegant look to joinery and interiors.

Door Frame Range

  1. Solid Wooden Frame
  2. Engineered Wooden Frame
  3. Pre Veneered or Pre Laminated Frame


Red Meranti (from Malaysia)
Teak (from Burma and Africa)
Padak (from Africa)

Advantages of Sakthi Frame

  1. Timber directly imported from various countries as logs and used without mixing lower grade timber.
  2. Proper seasoning; hence no major cracks, twist, bend in timber after production.
  3. Frame processed with imported machines guarantees dimensional accuracy.
  4. Peace of mind for contractors, no need to manage carpenters at site for frame making.

Engineered Wooden Frames

Engineered Framer

What is Engineered Timber?

Engineered timber is the latest technology for windows, Door Frames and other structures. The timber is composed of several layers of dimensional wood glued and laminated together with European standard adhesive. By doing this, a single structural member can be made, making the timber stronger and more environmentally friendly. These technological advances have brought the suitability and performance of timber windows and doors to the modern day.

Engineered Wooden Frames

  • Pre primered at factory
  • High bending strength
  • Termite and borer proof
  • Kiln seasoned
  • Dimension stability
  • Perfect corner joints

Engineered Wood Products are preferred over solid wood due to these comparative advantages:

  1. Layers of chemically treated and kiln seasoned wood permanently bond together in alternating grains which significantly minimizes excessive shrinkage and settling. This is in contrast to standard, untreated timber which naturally expands and contracts in different environments.
  2. Stronger, longer lasting termite and borer proof and better in appearance because all defects are removed.
  3. Capability to be produced in large cross sections; there is no need to use thick, aged trees which are rare and expensive.
  4. Engineered Wood is man made and environmentally friend material, it can be designed to meet application–specific performance requirements.
  5. Engineered wood products are stronger, durable and less prone to humidity induced warping and twisting of wood during the wet weather, which causes windows and door to stick.
  6. We only use plantation grade timber from sustainable sources to produce our Engineered Windows and Door Frames.
    These benefits mean your Door frame windows will remain as beautiful as they were at the beginning guaranteeing built in quality and durability every time.